Аналитический обзор


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This analytical overview is a bi-monthly edition brought to you by the Leontief Centre in Russian and in English since 1992.

Each issue (25-30 pages in length) contains summary of statistical data and information materials (including unpublished ones) on the city's industry, infrastructure, budget, privatization, investment projects as well as on employment and living standards of St. Petersburg residents.

The overview provides a unique opportunity to investors, entrepreneurs, scholars and journalists to learn regularly about the development of St. Petersburg.

Authors of the overview use among other sources the report on socio-economic situation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast prepared by Petrostat (Statistical service).


Issue No. 155 was prepared with the support of NORD LLC, which carries out:
- consulting on the questions of commercial activities and management,
- marketing research and analysis of the Russian OSB market,
- analysis and evaluation of the logging market in the North-West Federal District,
- real estate market research for investment.